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Guinness World Records record-breaking Forum Shopping Centers and finalize Road Show

Forum Shopping Centers, GWR Live on the road 24 after a wonderful week! Roadshow in Turkey come to an end. tours the Turkish people along their skill, determination and passion in excess of 150,000 set during a live audience and GWR with extraordinary record-breaking 104 new world records for the have shown! Road Show.

Forum Shopping Centers, which are owned and managed by Multi Corporation, Europe’s largest developer of shopping malls, partnered with Guinness World Records to bring the excitement of live record breaking to people across Turkey. The GWR Live! Roadshow visited Forum Malls in eight Turkish cities: Forum Istanbul; Forum Ankara Outlet; Forum Kapadokya; Forum Çamlýk, Denizli; Forum Aydin; Forum Bornova, Izmir; Forum Trabzon and Forum Mersin. At each new venue, the format of the roadshow and its challenges were adapted to reflect the unique attributes of the host city.

GWR Live! also worked with Forum’s flagship retailers, such as Marks & Spencer and Ikea, to create live record breaking challenges which showcased their brands to the weekly audiences which flocked to watch the action. The dedicated challenges included timed trials such as the most cushions covered and the most meatballs eaten in a minute. A special Valentine’s Day record, the most lip prints collected in 12 hours, was attempted in partnership with Max Factor. With the help of Senem Kuyucuoglu, currently Miss Turkey, Forum Istanbul successfully collected 2302 lip prints from visitors to the mall and set a new world record.

The people of Turkey embraced the record breaking challenge and week after week they set new world records. Whether it was the most t-shirts put on in one minute or the highest number of chair rotations achieved in 30 seconds, audiences showed they had what it takes to become Guinness World Records record breakers.

To launch GWR Live! Roadshow Turkey and to promote the opening of Forum Istanbul, Europe and Turkey’s largest shopping center, we created a momentous occasion as two of our best known record holders Sultan Kosen and He Pingping – the world’s tallest and smallest men – met for the first time. Their meeting generated interest from global media and created a platform to launch Forum Istanbul to audiences worldwide.

The GWR Live! Roadshow launched on 15th January and was stationed at Forum Istanbul for the next six weeks, providing live record breaking and entertainment every weekend for seven hours a day. These successful events helped Forum Istanbul to welcome 11.6million visitors since its launch.

From here each new location provided a new experience for the roadshow visitors. At Forum Trabzon a new record was set for the largest box of facial tissues which were presented to a special guest who could make good use of them, Mehmet Ozyurek, the record holder for the world’s longest nose on a living person. In Mersin, a city renowned for its oranges, the roadshow paid homage with records set for the most oranges peeled and eaten in one minute and the most juice extracted from an orange in one minute.

Additional one-off records were set elsewhere, including Forum Ankara Outlet which unveiled the world’s largest price tag and in Kapadokya, Guinness World Records confirmed a new record for the world’s largest pot structure. Other Forum locations created unique records, such as Forum Çamlýk which created the world’s largest bathrobe and Forum Aydýn which played host to 525 Efe folkdancers who set the record for the largest Zeybek dance.

The roadshow not only captured the attention of the Turkish people, but also the media with events gaining coverage across radio, TV, print and online. The launch in Forum Istanbul gained global coverage which spanned from Fox News in the U.S. to BBC News in the UK, and had a media value in excess of €30 mln.

The roadshow itself gained more than an hour and a half dedicated TV coverage, appearing on everything from the Beyaz Show, which is one of Turkey’s most popular and highest rated TV talk shows, to the famous Turkish sitcom One Women & One Man which featured stars of the show attempting to set their own Guinness World Records.

“We would like to thank Multi Corporation, Forum Shopping centers and everyone in Turkey who joined a GWR! Live Roadshow for making the events of the past 24 weeks such a success. It maybe farewell to Turkey for the GWR! Live Roadshow, but we are certain that we’ll be seeing many more live record breakers taking to the roadshow stage again soon.”…

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Real Estate Mortgage

Fewer Australians plan to take out a real estate mortgageloan over the next 12 months, leading to fears the mortgage market will slow. A survey in May by the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and BankWest found almost one in five of the 814 respondents expected to take out a new home loan in the next 12 months, down from 25.9 per cent in November 2006. The number of people who are unsure or never expect to take out a home loan rose to 37.2 per cent from 32.6 per cent in November.

MFAA chief executive Phil Naylor said the changes indicated more potential first time home buyers perceived home ownership to be out of reach.

The survey showed that 61.6 per cent of respondents expected residential real estate property prices to rise in the next quarter, up strongly from 43 per cent in November. However, Mr Naylor said other findings showed a more positive outlook than six months earlier. “More people are confident mortgage interest rates will stay put for now … and more people said they are in a better financial position than last year.” Some 45.1 per cent expected mortgage loan interest rates to rise in the next quarter, down from 81.1 per cent in November.

BankWest head of broker sales Phil Colton said the potential for a slowdown in home buying was likely to affect all states, as the survey showed no major difference in expectations between states. “We are coming off an active time in the real estate mortgage market in Queensland and Western Australia and there is some expectation that this will slow, which is further supported by this latest research,” he said. Recent Australian Bureau of Statistics data showed the number of real estate loans for owner-occupied housing inched up 0.1 per cent in May to 66,040. The result was 5.5 per cent higher than in May last year.…

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Real Estate Loan Rates

Real estate loan ratesAustralian real estate buyers are hurting over real estate loan rates, reduced family support, housing bubble concerns.

Many real property owners are hoping we won’t be seeing an interest rate rise in June, even thought its likely and we predicted it last month.

Many economists now say that an real estate loan rates rise could push homeowners and renters over the top as mortgage rates for homeowners and landlords would increase the cost of living. It would also make home buyers stay away from the real estate market and further add to falling home values. That would have to hurt bank profits.

Federal Budget cuts deepening concern for middle Australia

There are indications that the Federal Budget’s cuts to consumers has put a dent in consumer spending, with middle class Australia most affected and most likely to reduce spending.

Double whammy for mortgage holders as Moodys downgrades big banks credit rating [again]

In other areas of uncertainty about euro fears, and house values holding up in the wake of loan rate rises, the US ratings agency Moody’s has downgraded the credit-worthiness of Australia’s big four banks from AA1 to AA2.

This means higher borrowing costs for these banks, and that means real estate loan rate increases without the need for the RBA to add any further fuel to the fire.

Higher borrowing costs would force the big banks to lift real estate loan rates outside the Reserve Bank’s official cycle.


Next RBA meeting on June 7

When the Reserve Bank of Australia meets on June 7 some feel that a cash rate increase might be the last straw straw for real estate values.

Since home values peaked in 2010 we have seen a lowering of home values across Australia and a further rate rise, on top of increased borrowing costs will make home buyers think twice about buying a home in this housing market, given a perception that residential real estate in Australia are over valued.

Even without a rate rise I expect home prices for established homes to fall further, so any real estate loan rate increase at this time would only deepen the slide in home values.…

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Noosa Real Estate

Noosa is finding it hard to sell its top priced real estate right now with prices falling.

Noosa Heads including Hastings Street and beachSo is now the best time to buy real estate in Noosa or take a cheap holiday there?

In 1992 Noosa real estate was cheap, and I moved from Adelaide to Eumundi in the Noosa hinterland to enjoy the weather and lifestyle. I rented a new home on 5 acres for $170 a week. We had ducks, kangaroos and Kookaburra’s in the back yard and rainforest at the back that was the boundary of the golf course.

In those days a lot of people living in Noosa were retirees from the South with money. A lot had built huge homes in the street.

That is what possibly gave the illusion that Noosa was a exclusive enclave and Hastings Street its centre. It also gave it the perception of Noosa accommodation being expensive. It is on Hastings Street. But Noosa is more than Hastings Street and people wanting cheap accommodation are beginning to discover that.

The reality is that it has always been a surfers mecca, and I saw plenty of kids in board shorts with surf boards in the dole ques in those days. Putting in their forms before heading out to catch a wave and spend the day on the beach.

So maybe part of Noosa was always Bogan. People that love to surf more than work will never be rich, but will always find Noosa irresistable.


The new reality hits Noosa real estate and Hastings Street

Today the reality is different. Noosa real estate, like Hastings Street rents were amongst the dearest in Australia.

Noosa is seen today as more than Hastings Street, and the high class accommodation and upmarket restaurants and boutiques that once dominated the precinct. Ansett has been attributed with making Noosa a destination for the wealthy, and their demise ten years ago probably has something to do with the changing demographics. Now the budget carriers dominate air travel, and are flooding Noosa with Families who want a budget holiday. And what’s wrong with that?

Noosa’s changing demographics

Low-cost airlines Virgin, Jetstar and Tiger are blamed for flying in budget conscieous travellers who don’t value the boutiques and high priced dining.

Shopkeepers have complained that Hastings Street, which used to be on par with the exclusive southern suburbs of Double Bay and Toorak, is being spoiled.

The once-pricey “resort wear” boutiques of Hastings St have been replaced with budget chain stores, surf shops and gelato bars. That seems a better fit with the reality of today. People simply don’t spend money like they used to on exclusive clothes and fine dining, or have time to spend a long holiday in one place. A week or two is plenty. This reality is possibly indirectly affecting Noosa real estate values as money is not as easy to get as it once was.

Changing Demographics is the new reality

The market for Noosa real estate has shifted, with Noosa now attracting a younger demographic of budget minded families. More visitors with less per head to spend. More home buyers without the incomes to support a super-sized mortgage.

Lets face it, the Baby boomers were in their 30′s and 40′s in the early 1990′s and now they are looking at cruises and becoming grey nomads.

More People visit Noosa now than ever before

In 2010 Noosa attracted a record 920,000 domestic and 149,000 international visitors, but they have shorter stays and they spent less.

“It’s the lingering effects of the global financial crisis and, with the rise of the dollar, it poses a lot of problems for Noosa and Australia in how we combat that,” Mr Cooper said.

The High retail rents in Noosa which are among the most expensive in the country, have also contributed to the ousting of small businesses by chain stores. And chain stores understand the demographics. The fact is my wife, who is still a nifty dresser, could never find anything she liked in Noosa’s Boutiques, and they were over-priced as well. She felt that the clothes were for older women, and as we all know, they are now 20 years older.


What’s important about Noosa to the tourist?

Its not the Hastings Street Shops. They are their to provide the tourists with what they what, not the other way round.

People come to Noosa for the weather, the beach, the surf, the National Park and the relaxed ambiance. When they are at the beach they have certain needs, and the shops on Hastings Street that satisfy that need will succeed. They need Noosa accommodation to be moderate to 5 star, depending on their budget.

So Noosa accommodation is more attractive for the tourist and the home buyer than ever. But if you are looking to open a shop for the well to do, maybe you need to look at the Gold Coast or Brisbane.…

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